April 06, 2005

Political Fantisy

The EU Referendum has asked people to list their fantasy policies, the ones that would really make you vote for a party rather than simply voting from tradition or to try and stop someone else getting in. So here are mine.

Get out of the EU (no brainer that one), and trade freely with the world.

Health - have the NHS become a funding ang quality regulating body for competing private companies that provide the treatments. As happens now in the prosthetics area of the NHS and in NHS Diagnosis and Treatment Centres with lots of sucess.

Education - bring in some kind of free selective schooling which is NOT linked to demonstrations of religious faith.

Transport - burn the speed cameras and raise the motorway speed limit to at least 80mph, encourage park and ride systems.

Repeal the blasphamy law, do not allow the law on 'incietment to religious hatred' to go through. Equal opertunity blasphemy.

Create a real legal position for 'Common Law Marrage', but with lesser benefits than full marrage.

Repeal the Tyrant Blair's attacks on Civil Liberties


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